The most important thing is what matters most. Forget about the expense report!


Ficufy takes care of managing your expenses, so you can forget about the manual paper tasks of the past. Pay using your Ficufy Visa card: take a photo of your receipt and you’re ready to go! Ficufy completely manages your company’s flow, such as approval, control of expense policies, management of advances and trips and even payment and posting with your ERP.


Expense reporting

Ficufy provides a simple way to report any type of expense, whether a receipt, an invoice or any other types of expenses. Ficufy adapts to the market’s needs by offering multiple ways to report your expenses according to the format:

  • Use your smartphone to a take photo of an expense.
  • Scan the receipt from a multi-function machine at the work centre.
  • Do you receive receipts via email? Forward them to Ficufy and you’re ready to go.
  • Mileage using Google Maps or pre-defined routes.
  • Report your established per diems.
  • Delegate expense reporting to your assistant.

Reporte de gastos Ficufy

Digitalización y OCR gastos y viajes Ficufy


Digitisation and OCR

  • Official approvals

Forget above saving the original on paper. Ficufy is officially approved by the Tax Agencies of numerous countries so that reported expenses have the same legal validity as the original on paper.

  • OCR Technology

With Ficufy, you won’t ever again have to manually enter the information about an expense. Our OCR+ICR technology allows capturing up to 18 expense fields with the greatest reliability on the market, regardless of the language or country.


Ficufy Visa Card

It reinvents expense management through intelligent payment methods. The Ficufy Visa card allows you to improve control over expenses through the configuration of restrictions, thereby simplifying expense reporting and eliminating the concern about tracking and reconciliation with respect to corporate cards. Configure the card based on your policy:

  • Monthly and daily limit.
  • Limit on use according to the day and time.
  • Limit on use for online or international purchases.
  • Restriction by type of expense.
  • Smart AutoBlock function.

Tarjeta Visa Ficufy

Aprobación personalizable Ficufy


Customisable approval

Use your smartphone or any browser to establish multi-level approval flows according to variables such as the organisational structure or analytical concepts.

It provides comprehensive control of compliance with the company’s expense policy using customisable alerts for approvers.

It controls your policy – expense reporting on days off according to the work schedule of the staff – and minimises fraud due to reporting duplicate expenses.



    Financial management

    Ficufy allows integrated management by the Finance or Administration Departments once expense reports have been approved:

    • Automatic settlement and posting.
    • Reconciliation of conventional payment cards.
    • Automatic payment to employees via SEPA.
    • Integrated communication to the Immediate Information Reporting (SII) system of the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT).
    • Budget control and detailed cost analysis.

    Gestión financiera Ficufy

    Gestión de Viajes Ficufy


    Travel management

    Use Ficufy to simplify the flow of requests for means of travel and to simplify the analysis of travel costs, and obtain greater control over the flow through a controlled process, with traceability at each point.

    • Requests for means while on the go, such as a hotel reservation, plane or train tickets or a rental car, among others.
    • Configuration of a multi-level approval flow.
    • Management profile for the Travel Manager or two-way communication with your travel agency.
    • Analysis of overall costs per trip.
    • Management of contingencies or cancellations.


    Management of Advances

    Ficufy provides the simplest possible integration of requests for advances in the expense report process:

    • Request for advances on the go.
    • Configuration of a multi-level approval flow according to the requested amount.
    • Management profile for the Cash manager.
    • Automatic payment via SEPA transfer.
    • Management of refunds and automatic adjustment of negative settlements to be refunded.

    Gestión de Anticipos Ficufy

    Recuperación de IVA Ficufy


    VAT refund

    Obtain a positive ROI as from the first month with VAT refunds through the exchange of receipts for invoices. Ficufy is the only expense management solution that is completely in charge of the VAT refund process through a success fee, with the greatest success percentage in the market.

    • National VAT refunds.
    • International VAT refunds in over 42 countries, including all Member States of the EU, in addition to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland and Norway.
    • Automatic integration with your ERP for posting all exchanged invoices that are obtained.


    100% integration

    Ficufy allows Bidirectional integration with any solution related to expense management and business trips for maximising the automation of processes, whether through file exchange or our API Rest.

    • ERP & CRM management software.
    • Payroll and HR software.
    • Corporate Active Directory.
    • Travel agencies

    Integracion 100% Gastos de Viaje Ficufy

    And much more

    Request a demo to learn about all the functionalities in detail, and discover how Ficufy, the global solution that reinvents the expense and business trip process, can help you to simplify your current flow.

    • Management of currencies and automatic exchanges
    • Configuration of customisable fields
    • Multi-company
    • Business Intelligence
    • Integrated OLAP cubes

    • Personalisation of the Look & Feel
    • Management of guests
    • Analytical allocation
    • Project management
    • Fraud detection process