Modernise the management of company purchases and subscriptions using Ficufy.


Ficufy is the cloud solution that manages the entire purchasing cycle of your company: simply, quickly and securely. Pay using your pre-approved virtual card, drag and drop an invoice, and you’re ready to go! Ficufy takes care of the rest, from automatically extracting the data on an invoice to making the accounting entry in your ERP.


Purchase request

Make any type of purchase request, simply, wherever you may be. Provide your employees with access to the funds they need, securely and quickly, with no worries and without compromising control.

  • Make an expense request using your smartphone or PC.
  • Request a single-use virtual card to make an online purchase.
  • Request a recurring card for a subscription.
  • Request payment to a supplier via transfer.


Customisable approval

Use your smartphone or any browser to establish an approval flow prior to payment according to variables such as the organisational structure or analytical concepts.

Gain greater control over and visibility of the purchases made by your team, and ensure that no expenses are paid when they shouldn’t be and that none are over budget – and doing it all without adding complexity or tedious, manual processes. Ficufy sends you alerts and reminders to keep everyone informed and under budget.


Online payments

Ficufy generates a single-use virtual card for every approved expense request. Increase the security of online payments by using temporary virtual cards, and eliminate the chaos of sharing corporate cards.

  • Reduce the risk of fraud and abuse.
  • Control over permitted expenditure through automatic restrictions.
  • Easy to use and instantaneous.
  • Absolute traceability and monitoring of purchases in real time.
  • Decentralise payment management without losing control.



Ficufy generates a virtual card for every approved monthly or annual subscription. Increase control over and the visibility of recurring payments using Ficufy’s virtual cards.

  • Pause or cancel a subscription with one click.
  • Avoid unexpected charges due to forgotten subscriptions.
  • Control of expenditure through limits and restrictions of use.
  • Centralisation and intelligent management of subscriptions.



    Payments to creditors

    Easily manage the invoices of your creditors through an end-to-end digital process. Request the payment of an invoice; your manager approves it; and then, with a simple click, you make the payment via bank transfer.

    • End-to-end management. Request, approval, payment and accounting.
    • Decentralisation of payment management without losing control.
    • Ledger allocation of the cost centres or analytic concepts of your company.
    • Cost consolidation and budget monitoring.


    Invoice management

    Ficufy automates and digitises the process of managing the invoice payments made by your employees. Once payment is made, you drag and drop an invoice to the platform, and you’re ready to go. Ficufy moreover automatically reconciles all payments made with an invoice.

    You no longer have to go after your staff so that they send you an invoice. Ficufy does it for you thanks to the Smart AutoBlock function, which allows establishing rules for monitoring unjustified payments (an invoice is pending) and blocking users until those payments are justified.


    Digitisation and OCR

    • Official approvals

    Free yourself from saving the original on paper. Ficufy is officially approved by the Tax Agencies of numerous countries so that reported expenses have the same legal validity as the original on paper.

    • OCR Technology

    With Ficufy, you won’t ever again have to manually enter the information of an invoice. Our OCR+ICR technology allows capturing up to 18 invoice expense fields with the greatest reliability on the market, regardless of the language or country.

    Gestión financiera Ficufy


    Financial management

    Reinvent your role as a financier and leave all those tedious and manual processes behind. Ficufy places the management of company purchases and subscriptions on autopilot.

    • Decentralise the process without losing control.
    • Automatic posting to your management software or ERP.
    • Budget control and real-time visibility of current and future purchases.
    • Detailed cost analytics through reporting and Business Intelligence.
    • Integrated communication to the Immediate Information Reporting (SII) system of the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT).


    100% integration

    Ficufy allows bidirectional integration with any solution related to business management in order to maximise the automation of processes, whether through file exchange or our API Rest.

    • ERP & CRM management software.
    • HR & payroll software.
    • Corporate Active Directory.

    Integracion 100% Compras y Suscripciones Ficufy

    And much more

    Request a demo to learn about all the functionalities in detail, and discover how Ficufy, the solution for managing and paying all company purchases and subscriptions, can help you to simplify your current flow.

    • Management of currencies and automatic exchanges
    • Configuration of customisable fields
    • Multi-company
    • Business Intelligence
    • Integrated OLAP cubes

    • Personalisation of the Look & Feel
    • Budget control
    • Analytical allocation
    • Project management
    • Smart AutoBlock control