Ficufy, the solution for managing and paying all your company purchases and subscriptions.

Ficufy combines purchasing management with intelligent payment methods in a single solution that integrates the entire management flow for approving purchase requests, generating virtual cards, digitising and extracting data or posting invoices issued by creditors.

Ficufy, la solución para gestionar y pagar todos los gastos corporativos.



+90Mexpenses processed

Advantages of Ficufy

No more unauthorised expenses or going over budget. Anticipate and take control of your company purchases with Ficufy. Gain control over your company’s expenses and view them in real time, while simplifying and digitising the management flow.

Visibility and

No more surprises at the end of the month! Visibility and security in every purchase by generating a unique means of payment for every transaction.

Efficiency and automation

Ficufy reduces the administration time by up to 75% through the use of OCR Technology to extract data from invoices and through automated accounting with your management software.

Forget about

Ficufy is officially approved by the Tax Agencies of numerous countries so that reported invoices have the same legal validity as the original on paper.

How Ficufy organises your flow of purchases and subscriptions

Purchase request

Offer your employees access to the funds they need, securely and quickly, with no worries and without compromising control.


  • Make an expense request using your smartphone or PC.
  • Request a single-use virtual card to make an online purchase.
  • Request a recurring card for a subscription.
  • Request payment to a supplier via transfer.


Establish an approval flow prior to payment, thereby providing greater control and visibility of the purchases made by your team.


  • Multi-level approval.
  • Control over the amount spent.
  • Fraud detection.

Secure payment

Ficufy is the most intelligent and secure way to pay. Forget about sharing an unlimited card for the entire company or about managing hundreds of e-mails requesting payments to suppliers.


  • Pay wherever you may be.
  • Cards with expenditure limits or for single-use.
  • Pause or eliminate a subscription with one click.
  • Tracking and payment of accounts payable.

Invoice reporting

Once payment is made, drag and drop an invoice to the platform and forget about anything else. Ficufy does it all for you.


  • Data reading through OCR.
  • Certified digitisation to eliminate paper.
  • Smart AutoBlock function for controlling unjustified payments.
  • Automatic payment reconciliation with invoices.

Financial management

Reinvent your role as a financier and leave all those tedious and manual processes behind. Stop going after your team to turn in invoices: Ficufy does it for you.


  • Decentralise the process without losing control.
  • Automatic posting to your management software or ERP.
  • Budget control.
  • Detailed cost analytics and Business Intelligence.
  • Real-time visibility of current and future purchases.

Use cases of Ficufy

Ficufy has been designed to cover a wide range of expense needs, based on three essential cornerstones: Security, efficiency and digitisation.

Discover some of the main use cases by type of expense:

Subscription management

Centralise control over all of your company’s subscriptions.

Online purchases

Process online payments using pre-approved, single-use virtual cards.

Unplanned expenses

Quickly and easily manage urgent, unplanned expenses and eliminate the use of cash.

Office expenses

Manage all the operational expenses of your company, with flexibility and control.

Corporate travel

Pay and manage the invoices of your travel providers, online.

Expenses on the go

Forget about paper expense reports with attached receipts.

Digital advertising

Manage all your online marketing campaigns using Ficufy.

Purchases from creditors

Process, approve and pay the invoices of all your creditors.

Team benefits

Create social benefits for your team through intelligent means of payment.

Designed to take care of the needs of each of the following:


Visibility, control and automation of the entire purchasing management process of a company.


Digitised and on-the-go management of all trips and expense notes, merged with intelligent means of payment.

Technology / Systems

Efficient purchasing management of IT materials and subscriptions such as AWS, Azure, Zoom, etc.

Office Manager / Reception

Easily control all daily purchasing needs such as delivery expenses, office materials, cleaning products, etc.


Control all your campaigns and subscriptions to Adwords, Hootsuite or Mailchimp from a single platform.


Create a culture of expenditure responsibility and increase collaboration from your employees.


Offer intelligent means of payment for making purchases of minor materials to finalise installations, without having to request an advance.